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Data Protection Declaration

This Privacy Notice sets out the basis on which AIK IT Digital s. r. o. (hereinafter referred to as “AIKIT”) will process personal information provided to us, this information is also referred to as ‘personal data’. This privacy notice shall also apply to our subsidiaries and affiliates in the AIKIT.

We take our obligations in respect of the privacy of personal data very seriously and we will only process personal information as detailed in this notice, unless we inform you otherwise. In order to ensure that the personal data we hold is accurate and up to date, we request that you inform us of any relevant changes to the personal information we hold about you.

AIK IT Digital s. r. o. is a software development company, that creates products and deliver solutions to cutting edge, consuming facing brands. AIKIT is also leading global staffing enterprise comprised of IT staffing and IT services companies which provide project assignments for IT specialists as well as permanent recruitment services. Established in the Czech Republic in 2017, AIKIT now operates from the Czech republic and USA, New York city. AIKIT helps individuals to find permanent work or their next project and we are also an employer. We now also provide education offerings to our candidates and business associates so that they can continue to learn and develop and continue to receive relevant and exciting work opportunities, and are approved value-added resellers for some companies with regard to their cloud learning services.

Our core business activity is recruitment whereby we assist individuals in finding work or project opportunities with our clients, whether this is directly or through supply by us, and we assist clients in introducing or supplying the resources that they require. We also recruit staff to work for us to provide our recruitment services.

For the purposes of this Privacy Notice, our commercial activities and services for individuals and businesses (including education offerings and us acting as value added reseller) are jointly referred to as ‘Services’, and our actual or potential hiring customers are referred to as ‘Clients’.

AIKIT collects, uses and is responsible for certain personal information about you. When we do so we are regulated under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which applies across the European Union (including in the United Kingdom) as well as local laws, and we are responsible as ‘controller’ of that personal information for the purposes of those laws. For the purpose of applicable data protection legislation (including but not limited to the GDPR), the company responsible for your personal data is the one you are dealing and/or contracting with.

This Privacy Policy applies to the personal data of our website users, candidates, clients, suppliers, referals, referees and other people we may contact in order to carry out our Services. It also applies to the emergency contacts of our staff.

If you do not wish us to process personal data in accordance with this policy, then please do not provide it to us, please refer to Section 4 ’Your rights ‘, in respect of data that we already hold, or which we receive from third parties.

Section 1: This section applies to individuals wishing to use or using our Services, ie – looking for a role to work with us, being represented by us and/or wishing to take up education offerings through us (‘a Candidate’):
Depending on the contracting entity your assignment is conducted through, the business activity carried out or contract type entered into and applicable local laws and requirements, the personal data we collect or receive includes the following as applicable:

In some jurisdictions, we are restricted from processing some of the data outlined above and will consequently not process such data there.

We may obtain your personal data from the following sources (please note that this list is not exhaustive):

How we will use your personal data:

The processing of your personal information may include:
Why we process your personal data:

1. Entering into and performing a contract with you:
In order to provide our Services we may enter into a contract with you and/or a third party. In order to enter into a contract, we will need certain information, for example your name and address. A contract will also contain obligations on both your part and our part and we shall process your data as is necessary for the purpose of those obligations. For example, in order to process payments, bank details will be required.

2. Compliance with legal obligations (regulatory and statutory obligations):
We must comply with a number of statutory provisions when providing our Services, which necessitate the processing of personal data. These require us to:

3. Our legitimate interests (carrying on the commercial activity of our Services):
In providing our Services, we will carry out some processing of personal data which is necessary for the purpose of our legitimate interests, which include:

Using your personal data to:

This means that for our commercial viability and to pursue these legitimate interests, we may continue to process your personal data for as long as we consider necessary for these purposes.

* Soft opt-in consent is a specific type of consent which applies where you have previously engaged with us (for example by submitting a CV, or registering a vacancy to be filled, or working with us on a contracting assignment), and we are marketing other recruitment-related services. Under ‘soft opt-in’ consent, we will take your consent as given unless or until you opt out. For most, this is beneficial as it allows us to suggest other services that might enhance your employability and skills.

4. Consent to our processing of your data:

We may process your personal data on the basis that you have consented to us doing so for a specific purpose, for example, if you apply for a specific role you may have consented to our processing of the data that has been provided for the purpose of progressing your application and considering your suitability for that role. In other cases, you may have provided your written or verbal consent to the use of your data for a specific reason.

You may withdraw your consent to our processing of your personal information for a particular purpose at any stage. However, please note that we may continue to retain, or otherwise use your personal information thereafter where we have a legitimate interest or a legal or contractual obligation to do so. Our processing in that respect will be limited to what is necessary in furtherance of those interests or obligations. Withdrawal of consent will not have any effect on the lawfulness of any processing based on consent before its withdrawal.

What if we obtain your personal data from a third party?
Part of our business activity involves researching information relating to individuals for the purposes of filling job roles. This may include obtaining personal data from online sources, for example, we may obtain information from social media sites such as LinkedIn and job boards, some information being publicly available but others being from sites or providers to which we subscribe. From time to time we may also receive personal information about you from hiring organizations, colleagues and former employers, or from persons for whom you have provided services or been otherwise engaged.

Where information from third party sources is of no use to us, or where you have notified us that you do not want us to provide you with services, we shall discard it, however, we may maintain a limited record in order to avoid the duplication of process. Where we consider that information may be of use to us in pursuance of the provision of our Services, any processing will be in accordance with this Privacy Notice. You do have the right to object to processing, please see Section 4 ‘Your rights’.

Sensitive Personal Data (SPD)
Sensitive personal data is information which is intensely personal to you and is usually irrelevant to our consideration of your suitability for a job role. Examples of SPD include information which reveals your political, religious or philosophical beliefs, sexual orientation, race or ethnic origin, or information relating to your health.

Regardless of the basis for your dealings with us, we request that you do not provide us with any sensitive personal data unless absolutely necessary. However, to the extent that you do provide us with any sensitive personal data, such as data which you choose to share with us in conversation, we shall only use that data for the purposes of our relationship with you or for the provision of our Services. This will be for one or more of the following reasons:

Who we share personal data with:
We shall not share your personal information unless we are legally entitled or required to do so. The following is a non-exhaustive list of persons with whom we may share your personal information include:

Automated decisions
We may use software to review the personal data of individuals recorded on our database, or who have applied for specific roles. The software may determine suitability for a specific role via targeted questions relating to the role, and/or may identify and select individual personal information according to the stored characteristics. For example, the software may enable us to quickly identify individuals from our database who have specific skills, e.g. an engineer and exclude individuals whose characteristics do not match particular requirements of a job role.

Where we use software to assist us with our assessment of your suitability for a particular job role and you consider that any such assessment has been made wrongly or incorrectly, you may ask for an explanation.

Please note that should you exercise your right to request that we erase data or cease any processing activity, we may retain a record of this request and the action taken in order to both evidence our compliance, and to take steps to minimise the prospect of any data being processed in the future should it be received again from a third party source.

If you would like to exercise any of those rights, please:
Email our Data Protection Officer on matej@aikitdigital.com or write to us at Forum Karlín, Pernerova 51, 186 00 Praha 8, Česká republika.

Changes to this Privacy Notice
This privacy notice was last updated in September 2020.
This Privacy Notice is regularly reviewed and may be updated from time to time to reflect changes in our business, or legal or commercial practice. Where an update is relevant to our processing of your data, we shall notify you of the same.
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