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Why a Taylor-made CRM Can Be The Step To Growing Your Company

01 July 2022
Why a Taylor-made CRM Can Be The Step To Growing Your Company
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Customer data, funnels, and processes must be managed through what people know as CRMs. Many top-tier solutions are out in the open, but since they have to appeal to ALL companies, they sometimes fall short on specifics that your business may be needed. AIKIT has worked for a highly renowned casting agency and through a custom-made CRM system, they were able to increase their sales by 40% while reducing their funnel time. Learn more.

For those who wonder, CRM as a term appears all over the place. It stands for Customer Relationship Manager (or Management -system-), and even though they may have started back in the 90s with some companies carrying them out in old-school spreadsheets, nowadays they have become a must.


There are many companies that offer CRM in a SaaS fashion, where you can subscribe for a monthly fee and enjoy a full throttle CRM filled with features. Advanced automation, reporting, permission control, and many more wonderful things. But, are they really necessary?


In the era of integrations, having everything centralized is certainly efficient. It makes daily operations easier. Emailing marketing campaigns, issues and ticket solving, and recruiting, all in one place sounds powerful. But these new SaaS platforms (HubSpot, SalesForce, etc.) can be hard to customize for your particular funnel. And not all companies fit into their cookie-cutter features. Most of them will end up paying for features that will never use or will waste time setting up that sadly, would take much less time to do in an Excel sheet. Even though these platforms have an infinite array for customization, sometimes an internal custom-made developed platform is the most efficient way to go.


We recently helped a renowned casting agency with a tailored CRM platform solution. By focusing on a very specific problem they had, we were able to significantly increase their performance, client flow, funnel, and staff efficiency. But that’s not all, to prove the point of how a truly tailored solution can have a real impact on their bottom line, their sales increased by 40%. If you are interested in reading their case study, follow the link below: 


Sometimes the best approach is to consult with the customer or company to fully understand their current pain points. Assess the current level of technological tools they use to conduct business. And design a very strategic and specific product to cover those exact gaps. That’s the approach we offer at AIKIT. The end-to-end process may take a bit longer than creating an account on HubSpot, but the results are certainly better.


Accounting for scalability is also paramount. There’s nothing worse than migrating to a cookie-cutter system to, later on, find out that it won’t be able to comprehensively adapt around your next project, phase, or challenge. That’s why tailored, as AIKIT offers, is often the best way to go.