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The Staffing Wall That The IT Industry Acknoledges But Can Not Solve

20 April 2022
The Staffing Wall That The IT Industry Acknoledges But Can Not Solve
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The global shortage of development talent makes it harder to properly secure the skills and expertise any project may require. There are lots of software factories that even though they have great marketing, are simply not up to standards. At AIKIT, we have the expertise to help companies fulfill their most challenging projects.

Software factories are profitable business models, and that’s for a reason. With technological adoption booming and reaching all-time highs, almost any company, whether it is small, medium, or giant, cannot afford not to be online, not to be more efficient, not to be more profitable. This has led to thousands of new ideas, business models, and projects being out in the world, willing to solve everyday problems for a profit, through an app, a platform, a webpage, or something that requires technology.


No one can argue with technology, even from the administrative standpoint, endless processes that old-schoolers had to do by hand and took several hours to execute, now we can just do it error-proof with a click. There’s an app for everything, even for buying a mattress to sleep better at night. That created a surge in the demand for people that can actually build those apps and platforms. 


The demand is so high as of now, that tech giants such as Google, stopped requesting for engineer degrees for many positions. If you can code it, you got the job. But even that approach is not enough to equalize demand with supply. It is said that only in Europe there’s a shortage of a couple hundred of thousands of engineers.


When many business-savvy people noticed that gap, they quickly launched their own software factories. Business models that remove the hassle of having to screen, recruit, prep, onboard, and manage engineers. You just sign a contract with them and they take care of the rest. So far so good.


This surge in outsourcing factories flooded the market with low-quality providers, and whether they may or may not have a degree, their skillset falls significantly short for the required projects. And many companies are wasting precious time and budget working with the wrongful outsourcers. Leaving them in a position far worse than their initial one.


At AIKIT we specialize in sourcing the right talent, at the right level of expertise, for each project. We always carefully study our customer’s necessities and build a plan accordingly. Always let everybody know beforehand deadlines, expectations, and scope. This management approach gives software factories like us a real edge over ‘the rest’. What do companies gain from this? Certainty! The certainty that their projects will be fulfilled, and with the level of professionalism that is required.


We recently put together a team of 9 developers for the Healthcare Systems Provider ICZ. And we helped them finish their project, hit their deadline, and get the forecasted level of revenue. They started the project with a different software factory that fell short of expectations, and AIKIT entirely replaced their dev team mid-project and steered it into completion. You can read more about it at the link below.


Getting the right partner for outsourcing highly skilled development needs can be a game-changer. But failing to secure the proper partner can ruin everything. That’s why making sure you work with professionally managed agencies is paramount.