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The Harry Potter Of PLCs: How Magic On PLC Management Can Highly Impact Your Bottomline

12 June 2022
The Harry Potter Of PLCs: How Magic On PLC Management Can Highly Impact Your Bottomline
About image PLC for Skoda Auto Paintshop
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A top-notch PLC management system, highly tailored and improved for your specific needs can be the key to unlocking new levels of performance, efficiency, and even revenue. Thanks to us you can get that avoiding the cost of in-house staff. We did it for Skoda and we can do it for you. Learn more.

For those who don’t know, PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller. And they can take many shapes, forms, and formats. But in a nutshell, it can be labeled as an industrial controlling system that ties together the behavior and input of many measuring devices. These devices can aid production lines, quality control measures such as temperature checks, and anything automatable thing one can think of within a particular industry. 


Many PLCs also do physical actions and most of them can be critical within a manufacturing process. That’s why understanding through advanced reporting and analytics how PLCs behave and perform is paramount for a proficient management approach. Sometimes, syncing a set of PLCs can increment production yield and reduce costs without doing a single thing, aside from pressing a few keys on a board.


Since PLCs are a universe on their own, and they can involve a wide array of different languages according to different industries, it is not easy to tweak and tailor PLCs. Let alone push them to perform close to perfection and maximum efficiency. Those tasks require specialized staff that many companies do not have in-house. That´s why they resort to outsiders and consultants. 


Having a proficient partner that can jump in at any given time and solve a PLC-related issue is critical. A team of professionals that excel at their craft and understand the most intricate details. This can guarantee that proper action is taken when most needed, without making the company incur the costs of having a 24/7 PLC expert team on payroll. Since most of their time would be idle. Also, it helps them avoid the hassle of having to put together such a team, and oversee it.


That´s what we offer at AIKIT, a turnkey solution for your PLC nightmares, deployed by seasoned and vetted professionals with decades of experience. In fact, we solved a massive issue for the Auto Manufacturer giant SKODA, solely related to PLCs. You can read the entire case here:


In a nutshell, Skoda needed to increase their production output but they detected that their PLCs were constantly causing production downtime due to system incidents. After we mustered up the right PLC team for them and implemented a new PLC management system with many improvements, they reduced their incident related downtime by almost 90% and increased their units production by 20 cars per shift. No extra cost, just improving their PLC systems.


Proper PLC management can be the key to unlocking reaching the next level of performance, profits, and efficiency. Never underestimate it.