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Introducing the AIKIT Referral Program

01 November 2022
Introducing the AIKIT Referral Program
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AIKIT Digital announces a brand new referral program for IT candidates.


Since the Czech-based company started expanding and growing steeply, as any player in the industry, the need for top-tier talent becomes paramount. Even though the reasons are obvious, top talent not only ensures the best results will always be at the table, ready to fulfill customers’ expectations, but it also sets a gold standard for quality, commitment, and going above and beyond. 

When it comes to technology, settling is never an option. Those who truly succeed are and must be constantly challenging boundaries and pushing the envelope to unravel new realms of options. That’s how new solutions, new products, and better ways of doing old things come to reality.


Self-awareness is a very important attribute both for a company and a person, and at AIKIT Digital we must acknowledge that we do not know every single top performer out there, seeking a challenging opportunity in the IT field. But there’s one certainty, they must be somewhere!

And you can help us get to them.



Our IT referral program gives anyone the chance to introduce IT, candidates, to us. You get compensated if the position and challenge get filled by your referred rockstar.

AIKIT’s Loyalty Pays!



If the recommended candidate stays at AIKIT after 3 months you are entitled to a one-time bonus based on the seniority of the recommended candidate.

  • Junior | 0-2 years of experience: 10 000 CZK

  • Medior | 2-5 years of experience: 20 000 CZK

  • Senior | 5+ years experience: 30 000 CZK



The process is simple and straightforward. After you send the referral, we will:

  • Check the CV and assess a possible fit

  • Invite your candidate for an interview

  • Discuss the possibilities of cooperation

  • Provide an interview at the client's premises

  • Provide feedback for both parties

  • Support a smooth onboarding

  • And after 3 months, pay your fee


Candidates can be sent to or you can also apply via our job board.

We are working on our own career page that will include the section with the referral program.


Let’s connect the best professionals with the best challenges together!


*AIKIT’s referral program is not applicable to recruitment agencies.