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AIKIT & SIEMENS: Better Together

23 November 2022
AIKIT & SIEMENS: Better Together
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Delivering Factory Automation Solutions & Services To A Global Enterprise as a trusted key partner of SIEMENS


In 2021 AIKIT became a key partner with none other than the giant Siemens.

AIKIT and Siemens have been working closely together to provide customized automation solutions.    


Our role in this partnership is to aid the company’s production department in thrusting its production processes into the next generation. How? By setting them into a tailored digital transformation path.



Being part of the partnership also will give us the chance to introduce more flexibility in the production process, implement data-driven business models and handle everything within the frame of a vast portfolio of digital solutions.


AIKIT team is made up of experts who have a deep understanding of industrial manufacturing processes and an unmatched ability to implement leading-edge technologies such as AI, Edge Computing, SCADA Basis, and PLC Programming, Control Panels, Process Control Systems, Process Analytics Drives & Motions.


Siemens calls this Portfolio Modules For The Digital Enterprise 4.0, which is composed of modules that tackle key strategic areas of the production process with one goal in mind: optimize them. These areas are:

  • Factory Automation

  • Edge Computing

  • SCADA Basis and PLC Programming

  • Control Panels

  • Process Control Systems

  • Process Analytics

  • Drives & Motions.

  • Industrial Communications

  • Identification & Locating, among many others


These optimizers will directly lead to condition monitoring, and predictive maintenance, up to creating a digital twin of the production process to seek further performance optimization.


Not only does tackling these key areas help factories stay relevant in today’s digital economy, but it also benefits the environment and workers by increasing safety and efficiency while reducing waste and man-hours.



Factory automation has existed in various forms since the Industrial Revolution, and it’s starting to reach new heights with the advent of artificial intelligence. Alongside advances in robotics and the Internet of Things, factory automation is developing at an accelerated pace, ushering in a new era in which humans and machines will coexist.


AIKIT’s expert team of professionals is equipped with the latest demands these industries crave. Which, if unmet, will significantly sever their chance to step into the future. Next-gen, tech-based production processes.

In a globalized, tech leaned world, shorter lead times, more efficient processes, and insightful data about your operations can make a tremendous bottom-line impact. Giving your company the upper hand vs. your competition.

Learn more about what AIKIT Digital can bring to your company’s production and technological edge.