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Sensitive Project's Team With No Issues


21 July 2022


How ICZ Renewed A Sensitive Project’s Team With No Issues

Name Sensitive Project's Team With No Issues


ICZ is a local company that provides information systems for the healthcare industry, under strict EU standards and regulations. They were developing a particular project with a sensitive timeline, but the results that their provider (developing team) delivered were not as expected… Top management decided to rely on AIKIT Flexible Staff Augmentation services to renew the entire team without compromising the project’s deadlines.

The Challenge


The greatest obstacle was getting hold of the project’s pulse and keeping it going without missing key deadlines. The AIKIT team had to quickly establish the project’s progress status and crucially, identify which key roles needed to be taken over to push the project towards success.


The Solution

AIKIT fully understands such delicate situations. The team was able to quickly put in place a rigorous transition plan that involved a first-phase mapping of every single need. AIKIT then used that same mapping function to source the perfect team for the task. After getting everyone on the same page, the 9-person team was put to work. The onboarding was done strategically to ensure the team fit snug at both a technical and personal level.


The Results

AIKIT not only helped our client meet the tight deadline without any issues, but throughout the process, we identified several opportunities for improving or developing processes that would make the company more efficient. 


“Shifting teams mid-project was risky. But we couldn’t be happier. AIKIT did the impossible over and over again.” - Project Manager.