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PLC Management - 24/6 with SLA 99,95%


21 July 2022


How Skoda Auto Increased Manufacturing By Improving Their PLC Management

Name PLC Management - 24/6 with SLA 99,95%


Skoda is a worldwide known Czech auto manufacturing leader. They rely heavily on cutting-edge technology to continuously improve their processes and margins. Skoda delivers cars and a global scale and they needed to even-out inefficiencies in their processes to increase their productivity. After hearing AIKIT’s ideas for their challenge and future production cycles, Skoda decided to bring AIKIT on board.

The Challenge


The key challenge was detected within Skoda’s paint shop team. They needed 24/6 support in decreasing the time that was being invested in solving incidents. as production was being affected dramatically. Those issues were always derived from PLC misfunctioning.


The Solution

AIKIT’s Senior PLC consultant - together with AIKIT’s delivery staff - quickly built and implemented a new PLC system. Together, they provide Skoda’s much-needed 24/6 support. A strong relationship between Skoda and AIKIT has been forged as a result.  


The Results

The PLC system and improvement plan for the paint shop team proved highly successful.

  • Incident Solving Time Decreased By 89%

  • Within A Year Production Per Shift Increased By 20 Cars

  • The Enhancement Project Represented A ROI Increase Of 4%


“The goal of increasing production was clear. Without AIKIT we wouldn’t have been able to pinpoint the exact place that required an enhancement. The solution their PLC consultant provided made all the difference.” - Project Manager.