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Casting Agency Dorantova


02 June 2022


How Casting Agency Dorantova Increased Sales Thanks To A New Talent CRM

Name Casting Agency Dorantova


Casting Agency Dorantova is a renowned Czech casting agency that provides talent for clients such as Master Chef, The Voice, Top Tier Banks, and many other relevant companies. They needed a full CRM development to export specific segments of their vast database and use it for presentations, analytics, and other purposes. They also needed to match specific proposals or requests with the best-fitting candidates.


The Challenge

The core challenge was understanding what rules needed to be considered during the selection process and what data points needed to be tracked and mapped when filling in proposals. The backend needed to be developed based on those rules and data points. The platform had to be visually intuitive, and automated to the fullest extent despite its complexity. 


The Solution

AIKIT developed a platform from scratch that allowed the customer to fulfill all the initial requirements while dealing with clean UI. The platform can manage the entire funnel of a customer proposal with little to no human intervention. This was possible thanks to AIKIT’s experience in mapping user behavior, designing processes, and developing the features in a solid backend.


The Results

After the new CRM platform was implemented:

  • Time to cast shortened the time to 2 days from 14 days

  • Response Time To Clients Decreased From 8 Days To 1

  • The Talent Extraction For A Proposal Decreased From 1 Week To Minutes


“We feel that this system took our entire business, efficiency, tasks, and performance to a whole new level. What took us weeks, days, and hours, now it is done seamlessly in minutes. Thanks AIKIT!” - Agency Manager.