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Blockchain Week Hong Kong


21 July 2022


How Blockchain Week Increased Booth Sales Thanks To A Consumer Engagement Strategy

Name Blockchain Week Hong Kong



Blockchain Week is the world’s largest blockchain event and its 10th anniversary was hosted in Hong Kong. The event featured exhibitor booths, artists, startups, SMEs, and many other relevant industry personalities. 


The Challenge


Blockchain Week required a design and concept to match the latest technological means of user engagement, and since crypto is considered cutting-edge, the proposal could not fall short. A great visual experience was needed. The entire experience had to be delivered through the interactive LED screens, which were being placed on-site. The challenge was to deliver everything in just 6 days.


The Solution


AIKIT created a unique proposal, crafted by their top graphic designers along with an artist. A set of assets and materials was put together to then finally set up the installation. 


The Results

A beautiful set of interactive LED screens with scannable QR codes created high levels of immersive consumer engagement. The tech allowed users to import media from the event’s LED directly to their own smartphone..

  • Booth Sales Increased By 70%

  • Thanks To The Experience, Next Year's Pre-Sales Also Increased By 94%

  • Their Social Media Engagement Grew By 240%


“The graphics, visuals, and artistic components were both eye-catching and effective. The funnel they designed thanks to the simple QR code was outstanding. Engagement poured throughout the event towards all our media outlets. Social Media, Web Traffic, everything was boosted. It was a success with a real bottom-line impact.” - Project Manager.

Artwork: Venezuela “The Collapse 2”, Trevor Jones
Media: NFTs, Oil, and microcrystalline wax on foreign currency and canvas
Collection: Crypto Disruption, From Palette To Canvas
Size (H x W): 101cm x 101cm (3 ft 3 ins x 3 ft 3 ins)