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AIKIT's Approach to Crisis Management


31 July 2023


Name AIKIT's Approach to Crisis Management


This case study delves into the development and deployment of data centers for a client of AIKIT. The project initially aimed to expand the client's development team and enhance their IT capacity. However, the project encountered substantial obstacles that threatened its successful completion. In addition to our planned role as AIKIT, we also assumed the crucial responsibility of crisis management. This included mediating and resolving issues between the software supplier and the client while ensuring the project's ultimate success by leveraging our pool of expert talent.



Initially, the project seemed undeliverable due to difficulties between both parties.

The complete refactoring of internal development processes, from the perspective of development and deployment, was to be carried out at the customer's premises. Defining priorities and working intensively with the team was essential.



After 18 months of intensive teamwork, we successfully brought the project to the client's acceptance. The deliverables were successfully handed over for operation.


During the project, we focused on the following steps:

Analysis and Planning: We conducted a thorough analysis of the existing development processes in collaboration with the client, identifying key areas requiring improvement. Based on this analysis, we developed a detailed refactoring plan in consultation with the client.

Defining Priorities: Working closely with the client, we identified the project's key goals and requirements. Based on these, we defined priorities and allocated tasks among team members to ensure efficient outcomes.

Intensive Teamwork: We closely collaborated with the client's development team throughout the project. Provided them with expert support, and knowledge transfer, and ensured that the defined goals and delivery deadlines were met.

Mediation between Parties: As AIKIT, we played a crucial role in resolving issues and conflicts between the client and the software supplier. We facilitated dialogue, sought compromises, and facilitated negotiations to achieve mutual understanding and satisfaction for both parties.


Through our efforts and teamwork, we successfully completed the project. The client was satisfied with the results, and the delivered work was successfully deployed for operation.



This case study shows how we successfully managed the development and deployment of data centers for our client. We were able to define the problem, solve it and fulfill the role needed to manage such a sensitive situation. Thanks to our approach, intensive teamwork and ability to mediate the problems that arose, we overcame the project challenges and achieved a successful project completion.